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The East African Missionary Society is a charity and an NGO working in Northern Uganda developing projects such as a child sponsorship programme,a literacy project and have further plans to begin an agricultural project and health clinic.

Northern Uganda is an area of the world that has been in turmoil for many years, ravaged by civil war, HIV and insecurity. This has left thousands of orphans and widows as innocent victims.

The House of Wells is a God-inspired mission touching the hearts and lives of countless orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in poverty-ravaged communities, through holistic enrichment programs for body, mind and spirit.

House of Wells exists to restore hope and release the potential of children and the youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.

House of wells was established programmes that offer God's hope, practical help and skills necessary for independent and productive life, to children in severe poverty in Africa. The New Brighton Township of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, was our starting point.

House of Wells
operates Enrichment Centres offering programmes such as After-School Clubs, Football Academy, Music Academy, Bible and Prayer Academy, Children’s holiday camp, etc. The plan is to use every platform and avenue available to reach children and the youth with the transforming power of the Holy Spirit so that they can be fit and ready, to be agents of revival and transformation in their communities.With the initial door of hope opened to the first 7 children in September 2008, the good news spread quickly, with the ‘pioneer well’ soon overflowing its capacity. A second centre was soon opened in Kwazekhele Township, with five more to follow in other townships across Port Elizabeth, and a growing support base of 2 full time staff and 18 volunteers, within the space of two years.


Approximately 450 children are welcomed three afternoons a week across the 7 centres to partake in programs that involve help with homework, Bible study, songs & drama, games, art. The children are also blessed, as funds provide, with school shoes, clothes and a warm meal – for many, their only proper meal of the day.

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